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Expert dentists at dental associates of connecticut conduct dental services and exams after understanding the requirements of the patient. Their dental solution services range from Cleaning, Dental Fillings & Restorative Dentistry, Fluoride Treatments & Sealants, Tooth Extraction, Root Canals & Crowns, to Gum Treatments, Dental Implants, Dentures & Bridges. Dental associates of connecticut is also considered as the #1 provider of invisalign braces all through connecticut.


Dental associates of Connecticut are a group of skilled dentists, serving for almost 50 years in and around Connecticut. With a wide range of experience and quality treatment procedures, this dental group is considered the most trustworthy family dental clinics in the locality. From making use of advanced dental procedures to carrying out complex details of the treatment, these professionally skilled dentists at dental associates of Connecticut deliver services that deal with different types of oral health and its issues. Their expertise lie in

Exams and cleaning:

General dentistry programs at dental associates of Connecticut offer thorough examinations of teeth, and detection of minute yet serious dental issues at early stages. In depth understanding of the requirements of the patients current oral health to provide complete oral hygiene and education on prevention of oral/gum diseases.  They provide regular checkups for every 3,4, or 6 months and undertake complete tooth and gum examinations. Interpretation of underlying ailments using dental x-rays, and oral cancer screenings are also taken care of, at the dental associates of Connecticut. Educating children on brushing, flossing, and rinsing techniques to develop good habits of oral health.

Dental fillings and restorative dentistry:

Letting a tooth decay without proper treatments can let the problem go deep down until the roots. Skilled dentists at dental associates of Connecticut undertake tough fillings. The process involves cleaning the decayed part of the tooth, filling it with appropriate filling substances without having the need to remove the entire natural tooth. This process is considered safe and effective.

Fluoride treatment and sealants:

With the amount of food/sugar consumed on a daily basis, it is necessary to use the right techniques to brush and floss and yet teeth are prone to decay. fluoride makes the tooth resistant to such decays caused by bacteria and sugar content. Apart from protection, fluoride treatment also strengthens the teeth preventing it from any further decay chances. Apart from flouride treatments, sealants are another preventive measure for decays. They are acrylic like materials that are placed after thorough scanning to prevent cavities or eliminate existing ones.

Cosmetic solutions, whitening and veneers:

Discoloration of the tooth can be treated by various teeth whitening methods. Depending on the intensity of the issue, dentists at dental associates of Connecticut, will help you get white, glowing teeth. Along with teeth whitening, they also offer treatment for broken, chipped, or cracked teeth through means of veneers. Veneers are protective covering of the tooth, that fix any type of tooth issue and provide strength to the teeth for long periods of time.

Braces and invisalign:

Braces are one of the most common teeth treatments that helps in maintaining the tidiness of your teeth and also its oral health. Braces opted by patients of two types. Traditional braces and the new effective invisalign. Traditional braces require bracket and metallic strings to be attached to the teeth to alter misaligned teeth. They can be opted with colored bands as per choice of the patients. Invisalign, on the other hand, are a different version of braces that are transparent and are easily removable. Invisalign braces are more preferred by patients due to their effectiveness and compatibility to everyday life. The transparent structure makes the teeth look tidy and neat and its removable property helps maintain oral hygiene at it’s best, making them one of the finest options for braces.

Tooth extraction:

If a tooth is found to be subject to some dental ailments, or if a tooth acts as an obstruction for normal growth of other teeth, then tooth extraction will be recommended by dentists. Tooth extraction is also an option for crowding teeth or lack of jaw space to fit in the right number of teeth. Other serious cases that involve tooth extraction are infection of gums due to irregular hygiene that are caused by crowding of teeth, swelling due to crowding of teeth, damage to adjacent teeth that leads problems up to the roots and other such elements that can lead up to periodontal diseases.

Root canals And crowns:

Dental Associates of Connecticut provides exceptionally talented endodontists to treat root canal procedures. Understanding the cause of discomfort or pain, and diagnosing the severity of the cause and treating it with the latest available technology is one of the first steps to treating root canal. Endodontists clean the decayed or damaged part, and fill the space with appropriate materials and cover the whole setup with crowns of your choice. Crowns can be proffered on metallic basis such as silver or gold, or ceramic colours that blend with the other teeth.

Gum treatments:

Periodontist and hygienists at dental associates of Connecticut, help with problems related to the gums. Gums are usually ignored while cleaning, hence improper care of the gums can lead to serious ailments. Early stages involve bleeding, swelling, gum boils, and mobile teeth. If left untreated, this might lead to serious infections and gum recessions. Periodontal diseases are eventually linked to other systemic diseases, hence early detection, checkup, and prevention is the best step to take towards your oral health. Apart from these dental services, dental associates of connecticut also carry out Dental implants using latest technology and easy methodologies, Dentures and bridges, and Sedation dentistry

Dentists at dental associates of Connecticut take up all types of dental services. From trivial to serious cases, pediatric care, orthodontic surgeries, general dentistry, etc. Every treatment done at dental associates of Connecticut is carried out with utmost care and perfection. Excellent and talented dentists make sure you get the treatment you deserve and achieve complete oral health.

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