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Alaska dental care at Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, Alaska is considered one of the best dental clinics by patients in and around alaska. With their highly skilled team of dentists, they conduct various general and emergency dental procedures. They perform Cosmetic Dentistry that includes Teeth Whitening/bleaching, Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, White Fillings, Bonding etc. along with these treatments they conduct periodontal services such as Prophylaxis (cleaning), Non Surgical Periodontal (gum) Therapy, Fluoride treatments, Low Radiation digital x-rays, Desensitizing sensitive teeth, etc.

All necessary treatment with utmost is performed by dentists here at alaska dental care.


Alaska dental clinic is considered one of the leading dental clinics in Alaska in terms of experience and excellent customer service. They intend in treating you as guests rather than patients which is solely why everyone in and around Alaska prefer their dental clinic. From your first encounter with the receptionist, till the end of the treatment, you will notice the perfectionism in their work ethics and the quality medical assistance patients receive. The team of dentists present at Alaska dental clinic are very well versed with their subjects and always have in depth understanding of the patients needs before proceeding with the treatment. Alaska dental clinic serves the main mission of providing quality treatment to patients that reaches far beyond their expectations.

Quality dentists at their clinic provide a wide range of treatment options to contribute to your complete oral health. With smile being the first personality trait, alaska dental care provides you a complete package of treatment that involves Cosmetic dentistry that involves:

Bleaching/teeth-whitening of teeth with advancements of various technologies to give you the perfect smile.

Lumineers/veneers that take care of chipped/broken/ or discoloured teeth. If you do not have serious oral problems then veneers are the best alternative. It not only gives the teeth a great look but its coverings(made of different materials) act as a protection.  Bonding also similar to veneers, helps in discolouration of the tooth, or if it’s chipped or broken. They are created as a protective covering made of plastics. Bondings are great treatment options for children who have broken front teeth etc.

Metal free crowns are improved versions of lder crowns that help in reshaping broken or cracked teeth. The black lines caused by older versions of crowns are eliminated by these new metal crowns and give excellent framing structure to the teeth along with complete oral health.

Tooth coloured fillings with mercury/silver being a less attractive version of tooth colouring, these procedures now include inlays and onlays that are the color of the teeth used for restoration and perfect shape of each tooth.

Dental implants provide many advantages when it comes to oral health, as dental implants are more convenient and provide long lasting comfort. Dental implants are always preferred over dentures or bridges and are popular as they are considered more durable and efficient.

Hygiene/periodontal services Alaska dental service provides hygienists, who take utmost care of your oral hygiene by various means. With periodontal evaluations and x-rays, hygienists at Alaska dental care, confirm the health status of your teeth/gums and recommend you methods to prevent teeth and gum diseases and promise overall oral health.

Process might include:

Prophylaxis (cleaning), Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy, Fluoride treatments, Low Radiation digital x-rays, and Sealants.

Invisalign has now become the most preferred alternative to traditional braces. There are many downsides to braces. That is: severe toothache, improper hygiene maintenance, metal breaks, etc. All these problems can be eliminated with the use of invisalign. They are a pair of transparent teeth sets that are specially designed to the needs and effectiveness of each patient. They can be easily removed to maintain oral hygiene and due to their transparency, does not look hideous.

With skillful and excellent treatment  at your service, the dentist in Alaska dental care, make sure your experience is like no other.

Alaska dental care clinic is available from 6 days of the week from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. They also take up emergency dental cases.

Book an appointment or contact them to avail the best oral treatment.

Address: 4000 Old Seward Hwy #200, Anchorage, AK 99503, United States.

Contact number: +1 907-561-3639

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